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Winner: Balanced By Nature, Pet Nutrition Consulting

Proprietor:  Heather Macfarlane

House Calls, Phone Consultations

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Est. 2009 

Philosophy/Mission: My nutrition philosophy looks at the whole animal.  Proper nutrition has the ability to prevent disease as well as balance physical, mental and emotional health.  I will help you choose the foods your pet will thrive on and not just survive on!  I view food as medicine and believe in the power of whole food ingredients.  A fresh and live, balanced diet will give your dog or cat the tools their bodies need to maintain a healthy and long life by your side.  

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Balanced By Nature is the only pet nutrition consulting company of its kind.  I have a unique combination of experience that has shaped my knowledge base.  For the past 20 years, I have worked with numerous veterinarians and pet nutrition experts, pets and their guardians.  My greatest teachers have been the countless dogs and cats who are always eager, honest, and grateful.  

I can teach you how to prepare your pet's meals in the comfort of your own kitchen!  Your pet's diet can be balanced and delicious; using fresh and local ingredients you prepare and serve yourself.  Your pet will love you for trading in the bag of processed "kibbles" for fresh meats, vegetables and fruits.  Rethink the “bag” and move toward whole food nutrition for your furry family member! 

2nd Place: Green Dog Pet Supply

4327 NE Fremont St, Portland

503-528-1800 * 

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3rd Place: Evan Smith, Canine Utopia

2309 Main St, Vancouver

360-737-7881 *  

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