Top Dog - Photography

Winner: Lamm Photography

Proprietor: Kathi Lamm

Wilsonville, OR

503-682-2277 *

Est. 1985

Philosophy/Mission: Animals have always been a special part of my life, and I deeply appreciate the bond we share with them.  I know all too well what a brief time we have with our special friends and how important it is to have beautiful images to remember them by.  Animal portraiture is my way of honoring the love, devotion, and uniqueness of our wonderful animal companions.  I work closely with my clients to create a piece of art that touches their heart and that they will cherish for years. 

Claim to Fame/Signature Product or Service: Kathi combines her rapport with animals and exquisite artistry to create award-winning portraits of people and/or their beloved animal friends.  Her skills have garnered her numerous state and national awards, including Portrait Photographer of the Year for 2011, ‘12 and ‘13 by Prof. Photographers of Oregon.  Excellent images, quality products, and fantastic customer service are of upmost importance to her business.  

Community Involvement, Special Notes: Kathi consistently gives to the community by donating photography services to nonprofits such as Cat Adoption Team, Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, and Oregon Humane Society.  She also donates photography sessions and images to numerous charity auctions.    

2nd Place: Terri Jacobson Photography

2075 Hollywood Dr, Salem

503-999-3047 *

3rd Place: Carli Davidson

360-951-6170 *