Top Dog - Agility / Sport

Winner: Sit Stay Fit

Proprietors: Jamie Lawrence and Jenna Kirby

971-533-3587 *

Est. 2012

Philosophy/Mission:  We believe that exercise keeps both ends of the leash happiest and healthiest, and so strive to offer that in all of our services.  Either in our fitness classes where both you & your dog are exercising, or during our training focused dog walks & runs where we mentally & physically tire the canine end, we use positive based methods that make training effective and fun.  We also incorporate these beliefs in all of our board & train dog’s stays.

Claim to Fame or Signature Product or Service:  Fitness classes for you and your dog!  We offer a time saving program which helps achieve dog owners’ personal fitness goals while simultaneously tiring out their dogs and teaching them a few manners & tricks along the way.  This was the beginning to what started us off, and has since developed into training focused dog walks, and board & train.

Community Involvement:  We love to support local rescues, as we believe the work they do is so important, and we want to support them in any way we can.  At our 1 year anniversary party we offered a raffle for all our party-goers, and were able to donate over $400 to Born Again Pit Bull Rescue from it!  We are also very active in the Oregon Humane Society community.

2nd Place: Doggy Business

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