Top Dog - Innovative Programs for Animal Welfare

Winner: Fences For Fido

Portland, Oregon • 503-621-9225 •

Est. 2009

Philosophy/Mission:  All-volunteer nonprofit Fences For Fido builds fences at no cost to free dogs from the frustration and loneliness of life at the end of the chain. They also provide every Fido with a custom-built, insulated dog house and warm bed. For some dogs, it’s the first time they’ve experienced freedom, real shelter, or even comfort. The group builds fences to allow families to form closer bonds with their dogs, extending love and care far beyond the broken chains.

Claim to Fame:  Fences For Fido is six years old, and to date has already unchained and provided insulated dog houses for 1000 dogs. 

Community Involvement, Special Notes:   In 2013, Fences For Fido was instrumental in helping pass Oregon’s House Bill 2783, which clarifies the statewide requirements for humane care, shelter and bedding, and limits the number of hours that a dog can be tethered. This law effectively eliminates chaining as a primary means of confining a dog, and gives law enforcement a tool to better educate families about responsible pet ownership. Fences For Fido mentors individuals and organizations around the country as they unchain dogs in their own communities.

2nd Place:  PAW Team

2700 NW Front Ave. Portland • 503-227-5477 •

3rd Place:  The Pongo Fund

3632 SE 20th Ave. Portland • 503-939-7555 •