Angels: Ed & Maudie

I told you awhile ago about wanting to meet you here on occasion, when there were special tales to tell. Like RoseAnn Roseanna Danna said: “It’s always something.” The cool thing is, around here, that something is always pretty special.

Here’s the latest treasure I found while moving along the Spot landscape . . . .

It started as a routine call, with Shannon inquiring about advertising.

Her new book, The Miracles of Our Magnificent Ed was coming out, and she wanted to alert pet lovers to its release.

She talked about Ed, taken by cancer at age 5 in February ’09.

. . . then she talked about their beloved Maudie, whom they’d just lost, weeks before, to bone cancer. Maudie was 4.

My heart wailed.

Shannon shared her story about being “led” to write of the miracles Ed brought — “The book wrote itself,” she said, going on to tell how one of the first publishers she submitted the 30-page book to grabbed the phone and said, “Don’t go anywhere else.” Before she knew it, Shannon said, Magnificent Ed was on its way to a first printing.

Chatting on, I shared how I appreciated the magnitude of losing our beloved babies. I shared that my Broadway would be 15 soon, and randomly talked about plucking her fur and leaving it on the lawn for birds to use for their nests.

They have straw wreathes at Backyard Birdshops, she told me, equipped with soft things — fur, feathers, cottonballs — made especially for that very purpose!

I thoroughly enjoyed the “heart-touch” in connecting with Shannon. I marvel often at such regular blessings that come through Spot.

. . . I guess it’s one of those universal truths: those of us with a heart for animals recognize each other for the crazy, passionate, loving beings we are.  And when we connect, the magic flies.

The day after “meeting” Shannon I received an email from her. She said she wanted to do something for me — that I should collect tufts of Broadway’s fur so she could make us a wreath. . . .

What a gift! Not only have we made a new friend, but soon we’ll have a gift that will be a little magic from Broadway, a treat for our birds (we LOVE helping them pimp out their nests!), and a little bit of Shannon’s heart in our home.

Thanks for reading!

Catch you next time . . .


ps: Watch for Shannon’s book! When she told me that the chapter headings, rather than typical numbers (Chapter 1, Chapter 2),” are titled “Miracle One,” “Miracle Two” and so on, I thought . . . this is going to be special. ‘ )

pps: Shannon helped me perfect this share . . . who better to be my fact checker! In the process of identifying my boo-boos, she added this note. I feel in sharing this you’ll get a feel for this special woman:

I hope there is still room to print their sweet angel pictures.  Ed is so much bigger than Maudie, he was 115 pounds and Maudie was only 60. How they loved each other. 

. . . and . . .

BTW, I washed some blankets last week and saved the dryer lint for Broadway's wreath.  So warm and soft.