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Jennifer McCammon

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Notes from the Inside...

What a gift! Spot is and has been a great adventure. Full of life, challenge, change, and a chance to live, work and play with the best.

Along the way I became a mama bear of sorts within the Spot crew, a great bunch of dynamic, brilliant, passionate, pet-crazy people. While ultimately “in charge,” my role has evolved to guiding, not always deciding. Nudging all of us to press on, grow, and thrive. And to ALWAYS enjoy the ride. Great trip so far!

Spot is filled with wonder, and great, everyday feats. The privilege of helping protect, improve and save lives is beyond gratifying. This is a place of genuine commitment to pets and their people. A place where humor is revered, hard work the rule, and play a must.

On the biz...


It’s been a great education and pleasure to continually develop new ways to help businesses grow while generating benefits that reach beyond — the pebble in the pond, if you will. The pros in this field have the greatest hearts and smarts I’ve ever known.

When measured against like publications across the country, Spot ranks high — for frequency, circulation, content and design, and — perhaps most gratifying — the clear affection demonstrated by its readers. It’s really something!

We continue to develop ways for businesses to grow through special promotions and programs, events, demo opportunities and more. It only gets better when you consider that Northwest pet guardians are among the strongest markets in the nation. We love our pets, and we happily spend to ensure the quality of their health, recreation, and “enrichment.”

On the town...


Spot’s Mutt Mixers are a hit! It’s such a pleasure to see how much people enjoy these evenings! While very relaxed, they have a bit of polish. They move smoothly, have an upbeat vibe, and they’re really FUN! While Mixers are free, donations are happily accepted for the evening’s featured rescue/nonprofit. I love the moment at the end of the evening when we literally bag up cash — from the goodie bag and beverage bars and special activities (admission to a contest for example) — and hand it off to the evening’s guest rescue. Jan. 7th we sent our friends at Oregon Dachshund Rescue home with $750. How cool is that!

Playing in front of Fireplace

On the real...

This is a tough time for small businesses, and that holds true for Spot. Thank you, all of you, who remember that while Spot is working to boost organizations’ fundraisers efforts, to help them grow, to promote spay/neuter to reduce overpopulation and relieve the strain on ALL support systems for companion animals, and to find loving homes for so many — that to do that, Spot needs support, too. Your donations, contributions and subscriptions make it possible for us to do what we do. Thank you!

We love the work.