Tips from the Top


Spot sought out regional professionals considered experts in doggie daycare. Here they offer their expertise and opinions on the Top 3 most important Tips for pet parents seeking daycare.

Noah's Arf

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  1. Find a daycare rich with exercise, socialization and play activities that will help your dog alleviate negative behavior at home due to boredom.
  2. A trained staff that receives ongoing training from professional handlers and is knowledgeable in managing a large group of dogs. Policies to ensure the safety of the dogs and employees.  
  3. Your dog should feel welcome and excited to come to daycare. The main objective should be for the enjoyment of your best friend. 
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Noah’s Arf is a full-service pet care facility dedicated to high customer satisfaction for excellent service, quality pet care, and a fun, clean, enjoyable atmosphere. Services for both dogs and cats include indoor/outdoor daycare, boarding, in-home care, grooming, self-wash, taxi, training, and products.

Opportunity Barks

  1. Ask for Referrals. Go to people you trust for referrals. Most of our clients have been referred by other clients, veterinarians, trainers and groomers.
  2. Tour the Facility. Call ahead to determine when you can tour the facility. Don’t be discouraged if staff isn’t available to meet with you if you drop in without an appointment; they are supervising the dogs, which gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe while having fun. Questions you can ask during your visit:
    • What are the staff’s qualifications?
    • How are new dogs integrated into the pack?
    • What do the dogs do during the day and where do they play?
    • What are the vaccine requirements? Are titers accepted?
    • What is the acceptance process?
    • Can staff accommodate senior dogs and dogs with special needs?
  3. Choose Wisely. How did the staff and facility make you feel? Does it smell fresh and clean? Does it give you warm fuzzies or make your hackles rise? Did you leave feeling your dog would be well cared for? Follow your heart and you’ll make the best decision for you and your dog.
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Opportunity Barks LLC opened its doors in May 2009 in Pleasant Hill, Oregon. Located on 2½ acres, the state-of the-art facility is designed to ensure the health and safety of your dog. Amenities include home-baked treats, central heating and A/C, lots of room to run, and endless love from the caring, knowledgeable staff. Also offered: training, daycare, boarding and educational workshops.  

Sniff Dog Hotel 

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  1. Look, listen and smell. The daycare facility should be clean, free from urine and fecal matter and odor, and properly ventilated and air-conditioned. In terms of safely, scout the facility for things like double-locked doors (which prevent escapes) and policies ensuring that dogs wear ID at all times. Last but not least, listen for happy ‘dog talk’ — this indicates a controlled daycare environment and doggy harmony.
  2. Play space options. Just like people, dogs have their own personalities and like to hang out with like-minded friends, so it’s important to find a daycare that gives them options to socialize in ways they prefer. When seeking a daycare facility, find a place that separates dogs by activity level and/or size.  More active dogs can romp around, while less active dogs can relax and enjoy a more peaceful setting.
  3. Check out the play space. It’s important a facility does not overcrowd its play area. Dogs need space to play as well as rest during the day, and overcrowding can increase conflicts. Dogs spend much of their active daycare time running with their canine buddies, so it’s good to check out the play-area surface. Look for padded surfaces that are easy on paws and joints. Designated areas for downtime and napping spots are also important, as an afternoon siesta is often a part of every dog’s daily routine at daycare.

Sniff Dog Hotel offers a variety of innovative services and amenities, including hotel-style boarding, daycare, salon grooming, and spa, massage, training, a self-service dog wash and a cafe for human guests. Four-legged friends bask the clean, fresh-smelling indoor-play area or relax in their very own standard room or luxury suite.

Stay Pet Hotel 

 A “one-size-fits-all” dog daycare doesn’t exist. The following is what we consider “must-haves.” Much of the rest that will guide your decision is personal taste.

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  1. Staff should be knowledgeable and well-trained to handle different dog behaviors. They should interact with the dogs, recognize and stop potential problems before they arise. Chatting amongst employees should be minimal, and the fewer squirt bottles you see the better! Rarely is a squirt bottle needed if attendants are proactively working to resolve behavior issues within a group.
  2. An appropriately-sized play area. Just like people, dogs need their space. Too many dogs in a confined area can lead to problems. Check out the daycare to ensure your comfort. It’s also important for dogs to have an outside potty area — after all, that’s where most dogs are used to going! Some may be averse to tinkling indoors.
  3. Staff to dog ratio. Our general rule is one attendant per 12 dogs. Each group of dogs, and how they interact, is different. It only takes one or two rowdy dogs to necessitate extra attendants.  Ask how many dogs per staff member and confirm it yourself.

Stay Pet Hotel, opened in 2006, is a boutique hotel for dogs offering all-inclusive luxury lodging. Stay features 43 Standard Suites, four large Deluxe Rooms with imported beds and flat-screen TVs, and 12,000 SF of play-yard space — including 4,000 SF of artificial turf and a large indoor play-yard. Social dogs may join a playgroup while not-so-social dogs receive individual playtime. Stay’s Spa offers baths, aromatherapy, brush-outs, nail trims and massage. Stay also offers training and K9 Nose Work classes. Does your dog Stay?