Never Say Never Greyhounds

What do we (the general public) know about Greyhounds other than that they’re skinny-ish dogs who race around in a circle after a rabbit and show up from time to time at adoption events? Breaking down common thought barriers about certain breeds is critical to discovering the depths of the dog. In Never Say Never Greyhounds (, oh boy, are belief barriers broken.  From agility to dock diving, tracking to swimming, competitive obedience and clicker training, hiking and more, these are some remarkable dogs. They’re also ex-racers adopted by people with a heart for Greyhounds.

This site is a great resource for diverse subject matter in the area of dog training. One particularly interesting topic I came across dealt with breaking the bad habit of counter surfing – of particular interest to those of us with large and giant breed dogs. Of course it seems logical to simply prevent counter surfing by putting everything away. Life is not always orderly though, and we misstep. Titled A Right of Passage, the post regarding counter surfing made me laugh for its simplicity of reasoning.

Of course with the love of dogs comes the heartbreaks of health issues and end-of-life goodbyes. All in all though, this blog shares the life story of a houseful of lean, mean (not), ex-racing machines that get to live and learn, play and perform, and whose unique individuality is considered carefully. Exploration of the information, videos, pictures, quips, quirks, and the lovely life of Never Say Never Greyhounds is worthwhile.