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Hot Spots for Pet Stuff


There’s a hidden treasure tucked behind Red Robin in Wilsonville, OR. It’s a veritable petting zoo where any number of pets — including a lounging albino Burmese Python — wait to meet you. Of course, what pet shop would be complete without a friendly dog to greet you? This shop has two dogs that wander through the store or snooze away the day enjoying attention from everyone who visits.

As you shop for high-quality treats and food, take a moment to enjoy the playful kittens in their own spacious room, or the varied and abundant birds that occupy their own nook. My favorite is the rose-breasted cockatoo. She plays hard to get, but what a love when she steps up to your offered finger. But don’t visit with a fresh manicure — she loves to chew on fingernails!

Also on site are Patagonian caveys, chinchillas, tarantulas, piranhas, rabbits and tortoises, Nile monitors, and ferrets — oh my!

And the list goes on. You have to see it to believe it, and be sure to allow time to see them all. The new store has a lot more room allowing for plenty of pets. The staff is wonderful and always willing to answer questions and guide a tour. During our visit a store volunteer spent quite a bit of time chatting with us about the habits and characteristics of many of the store’s fascinating inhabitants.


In addition to plentiful critters and supplies, Critter Cabana also offers grooming and a variety of pet-related books.

One thing you’re sure to notice is the staff’s vast knowledge of common — and uncommon — pets. The animals are selected with care, bred in captivity, and receive excellent care. Making sure new owners are prepared, whether their new family member is an exotic or not, makes a difference. Feel free to leash up your well-mannered pets for your visit. With a little local — and a lot of worldwide — flavor, this shop is worth a stop!


Kennedy Morgan is a Portland-area dog mom, customer service manager for a small software company, and now freelance writer. Kennedy, her Dane, Vegas, and new addition, a Pomeranian, Leo, can be found playing with their many Dane friends (and their people) at weekly Portland Great Dane Community meetups. Contact her at Photo is Vegas (Apache Vegas Rose)