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Names: (L-R) Duncan and Arrowyn with dog mom, Christie Moore.  

Age: 6½ yrs. They will officially become seniors June 18th.  

Family: Duncan, Arrowyn and Christie live in Boring. Much of their half-acre is fenced, giving the Beagles plenty of room to run off-leash, chase each other around the pump house, and do occasional perimeter checks.  

Turn Ons: Food! Pickiness definitely not a problem. Duncan especially likes bits of ham.  Arrowyn comes running at the sound of a banana being peeled. Rawhide chews are a definite fave. Both love long walks, especially on local trails. Duncan really isn’t into toys unless edible. Arrowyn, though, who can be maternal and possessive, takes pride in caring for both her brother’s and her own stuffed toys. Currently, her favorite toy is a squeaky squirrel she received for Christmas. 

Naughtiest Deed: Stealing away with a whole ham just being prepared to serve. The pups were young at the time, and Christie remembers chasing them twice around the kitchen island before Duncan was willing to relinquish his most prized possession. 

Obsession: As siblings, each Beagle’s attributes seems to complement the others. For instance, Duncan lives to please, is laid-back, and quiet most of the time, while his sister is an independent thinker, full of zip and quick to bark at a hint of trouble. Arrowyn’s solemn duty is to alert Christie by whining when it’s time to eat, walk or go potty. Both are known to bay at the windows when Christie leaves for errands. 

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