Meet Faye the pet/people psychic


Also appearing Feb. 4 will be special guest, pet and people psychic Faye Pietrokowsky, founder of Inner Design. Faye says everything in life works better when people engage their intuition in decision-making, along with reason and logic. “I wanted to help people live richer lives by befriending and utilizing intuition. Inner Design began with private consultations to assist people in examining and solving issues.” Intuition classes were offered at community and private colleges, books stores and boutiques. 

“In the beginning,” says Faye, “people met at my office, asking about the living and deceased, existing and new employees, careers, relocating, and pets.” Her work took her to Los Angeles, Seattle, Wisconsin and Illinois, leading her to work by phone much of the time.  

Intrigued with consulting by email, Faye explored the possibility and found it effective. “The pet psychic/animal communication classes and consultations have always been a part of my work,” says Faye. “It’s natural for people to ask about their beloved animal friends as well as family, friends and co-workers.”