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SGNW's Kristina Holven's main man Flint

SGNW's Kristina Holven's main man Flint

With recent changes and company buyouts in the pet food business, Spot asked our friends at Solid Gold Northwest, makers of premium pet food and wellness products, for tips to help ensure you’re choosing the best for your babies. Here’s what they said:

  • Avoid known allergens and other harmful ingredients. Select only natural, beneficial ingredients for overall health and well-being.
  • Forget about the front of the bag. Flip it over and check the label. The first ingredient should be a quality meat source like beef meal or bison. Filler should NOT be among the first ingredients. Make sure additional ingredients include quality whole grains, fruits and vegetables.
  • Shop at a quality pet supply store. Here, the staff are educated about food and current on food news, such as recalls and formula changes. This knowledge can be life-saving.
  • Most importantly: educate yourself and be your pet’s advocate. Don't be afraid to read labels and ask questions. Your pet’s health is in your hands.

Solid Gold introduced the first holistic, natural pet food to the U.S. in 1974, after founder Sissy Harrington-McGill discovered firsthand that Great Danes in Germany were very healthy — living 11 to 13 years, while American Great Danes were living only 7 to 9 years. The direct connection between nutrition and longevity motivated Sissy to create Solid Gold’s various formulas.


Offering healthful products for over 30 years, Solid Gold’s holistic philosophy views the body as a whole structure. Because all systems are interconnected, an imbalance in one system may disrupt others. In line with this, the company chooses ingredients for quality and health benefits, including only hormone- and antibiotic-free UDSA meats, pesticide-free grains, and most important: NO animal by-products or chemical preservatives and NO corn, wheat or soy, which are leading culprits for canine allergies.

Learn more about Solid Gold, its products and where to purchase them at or by calling 888-746-6784.