Notes from the friendSHIP


It is completely devastating to have your best friend die suddenly from something vets don't know much about. Cinder was such a fighter and role model for coming off the streets as a homeless dog in Portland.

When she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia in April we instantly did a ton of research on the disease, only to find Photos by Danielle Thompson, Galapagos Preservation Societythat there is a 50/50 survival rate and causes can be unknown, thus treatment protocol varies significantly.

After three nights and almost four days of battling AiAH and trying everything under the sun (literally), Cinder's body lost the fight. Needless to say we were beside ourselves with grief and confusion.

There was no way we were looking for another dog right away. Those shoes are just way too big to fill, and the subject wasn't even on the radar. That was all to change. 

In the June edition, Spot Magazine covered an amazing story on a film screening, called Lost Dogs which highlights the overpopulation and lack of care for homeless dogs and cats in Santiago, Chile. The filmmakers held a special screening, and there were many speakers there that night — one who happened to hail from the Galapagos Island. The Galapagos Islands are having an issue with overpopulation of homeless dogs and cats, which are eating the land lizards, tortoises and birds — all the things that make the Galapagos so fascinating.

During that evening, Sacha lay there with her foster mom, founder of the Galapagos Preservation Society, with a vest that said “adopt me.” I was just going to go say hello, when Sacha looked at me. Wow . . . what a deep look I got from her. She has the most amazing deep brown eyes . . . eyes I’m sure could tell quite a story.

Rumor has it that Sacha (aka Sacha Muchacha, Sacha Cha or Sacha Pretty girl) was run over by her owner in the Galapagos (people are trying to eliminate dogs there any way they can) leave one rear leg unusable. Sacha made her way to a field research station called “Jatun Sacha,” where she was give food and shelter. Her soon-to-be foster mom found her, brought her to the U.S., and had her left rear leg amputated. We “tried her out” for a few weeks, but I think we all knew she was here to stay. After day five we decided to officially adopt her. 

Sacha gets along great with her new family of dogs, cats and humans. I can’t begin to tell you how much we love her . . . and I know Cinder would approve of Sacha’s fight for life and determination to live. These dogs can teach us so much. My heart goes out to them.

- Rubi Sullivan and her family (Dwayne King, Thor, Trout and Sacha)


on 2010-07-01 13:36 by Spot Magazine

Rubi Sullivan is known and loved by many. She is a professional animal massage therapist, and frequently teaches classes so her grads can be “massage therapists” themselves at home. Rubi shared the following story of recent losses and blessings.

— the editor