The Chihuahua

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Trademark: Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog

Personality: Despite their size, Chihuahuas are not just an accessory. They need walks and will challenge big dogs. They are curious and courageous, with personality plus! They need consistent training, but will always be your best friend. One issue Chihuahuas may have in family settings is they tend to be preferential of one person and can display jealous behavior toward friends or other family members. This can be averted if they are treated like a dog and not given too many privileges. They can be hyper but mostly want a lot of love time with their humans. 

Preferences: The Chihuahua enjoys warmth and does not do well in the cold. They do not need grooming, but do tend to shed. 

Size:  2-9 lbs                  Life expectancy: 15 years or more

Common Health Problems: Many health problems associated with this breed are a result of excess weight. Because they gain easily they have a consistent diet without table scraps. 

Best Match: The Chihuahua appreciates someone with a lot of time to give. They do not do well left alone for too many hours a day. Not well suited to homes with small children because they are naturally territorial and protective.  

Rescues: BC Chihuahua Rescue serves the entire Pacific Northwest. Contact them at

Got a question about breed temperament, finding your fit, or the adoption process? Megan’s happy to help! Contact her at 

Tip: Try Fostering a Dog from your local Rescue or Shelter.  If he’s a great fit, adopt him. If not, you have saved his life, found him a great home, and realized what you really need in a dog.  

Available!  Meet Tucker!

Lovebug, eager to please, ready to go home!


Tucker is a handsome 8-yr-old little guy who would love nothing more than to spend the day with his family. He’s a lover who’s eager to please. While shy on the first date, given a little time Tucker warms up to become the life of the party. He loves spending time with you, lazy days in the sun, cuddling on the couch, and playing fetch with stuffed toys. To meet this sweet boy, contact