Blog Report: Funhog and Fundogs


With the snow on the way, we thought it would be fun to visit our friends in Alaska, Funhog and Fundogs (  Bob and the dogs’ blog contains a treasure trove of adventures with plentiful pictures.  The amazing scenery and snippets of their excursions in nature stir our longing to see the expansive tundra and landscape that is our 49th state.

As we know, not all of Alaska has snow year-round.  For some, the first day of strapping on skis is one to celebrate (October 21).  Check out Watch Out for that Moose, Bob (November 12, 2007)!  Bob and his wife are also involved in Malamute Rescue.  They recently received back the first rescue dog they ever placed.  Healy was with their family in 2002 and returned in 2011, possibly to stay (August 4).


You’ll enjoy getting to know the dogs in this blog.  In his short, to the point way, Bob draws the reader into the personality of each of his Mals.  The pictures go a long way in sharing their story too.  One of my favorite dogs is Valley.  She seems to be waking up from a very long Malamute-style siesta, as in, she acts like everyone is a chore and she’d rather just chill (January 12, 2010).  Back in March, though, she became Bob’s new ski dog (March 15, 2011).  Maybe a late bloomer, but Valley seems to have come into her own.

If you have an itch to don your ski boots, get excited about the approach of the Iditarod, or just love “snow dogs,” head on over to Funhog and Fundogs.  I hope you enjoy their story as much as I do.


Kennedy Morgan is a native Oregonian and freelance writer who shares her home with her two sons, her Great Dane, Vegas; Pomeranian, Leo; Bearded Dragon, Godzilla, and three uber-friendly kitties. In her spare time, she is active in agility clubs and the Portland Great Dane Community. Contact her at