Here, Kitty Kitty


Gifts for pets will be big business this Holiday Season

At a time when food banks are seeing record demand, unemployment benefits are extended time and time again, and thrift stores are in vogue, animal lovers will be forking over a significant sum to make sure Fluffy and Fido find a gift under the tree.

My cats find the tree to be more interesting than any present.  As soon it goes up, Clio will be nosing around underneath.  Not looking for gifts like an anxious child — she’ll be seeking the most adorable napping spot.  Of course, she wants the rest; however, the gift she desires most is the attention spawned by how endearing she appears nestled up, looking herself like the perfect gift.

However, most pet lovers won’t agree with my minimalist approach to my cats’ holiday gift.  So, over half of American pet owners will spend about $46 to purchase a gift for their pet.  That works out to a huge chunk of change when you consider there are over 78 million pet dogs and 86 million pet cats in the US.

Apparently household income doesn’t make a significant difference in the amount pet owners will spend.  According to a recent poll, pet owners making more than $50,000 annually may spend $57 on their pets, while those making less than $50,000 will spend $29.  Younger pet owners are more likely to buy a gift for their pets.

You can make even more of an impact with your $46 pet gift purchase. How?  Buy your cat’s next catnip toy, new collar, scratching post, or Cat Dancer from an animal shelter’s pet retail shop.  When you do, not only will you get a great price, your purchase will provide funding to care for the homeless pets in the shelter.

If your pets have everything, like my two senior cats do, you can still be part of the pet-gifting movement this holiday season.  Donate your $46 to you’re an animal shelter in honor of your pet or purchase some pet food and toys to donate.

Pets are part of the family so it is natural for you to want to get your pet a gift.  Have some fun with the shopping — it is the physical manifestation of the unconditional love and adoration you and your pet share! 

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Kathy is PR Manager for the Cat Adoption Team, author of the Cat's Meow Blog on, and member of the Cat Writer's Association. She's worked for the Humane Society of the United States and the Oregon Humane Society. Kathy and her hubby live with two 'adopted from a shelter' cats - Mack and Clio.