Happy Dog, Happy You & Happy Cat, Happy You


Happy Dog, Happy You & Happy Cat, Happy You

by Arden Moore

The “happy pet” books are all about enriching your pet’s life, and your life with him/her.  What I initially took to be cute coffee table books are actually fairly comprehensive guides to pet ownership.  Both offer tips on health, happiness, training, travel and entertainment, plus pet quotes and recipes.  Additionally, these books advocate the ever-important causes of spay/neuter and adoption, which of course we love.

Happy Dog, Happy Youcovers a wide range of dog topics including home cooked meals, bathing, pill administration, elder care, crate training, barking, body language, freestyle dance, and vet visits.  It is also chock-full of ways to keep your dog busy — such as impromptu games like canine bowling, stuffing a Kong, or hiring a dog walker.  Moore also focuses on ways to help your dog slim down, these days a hot topic.  

This book is an enjoyable read that you can reference again and again, whether you want to cook something for your dog, remember a health tip or play a game with him.

Happy Cat, Happy Youis similarly comprehensive, cute and informative.  In it Moore covers topics including nail trims, litter box issues, introducing a new cat, keeping your cat interested in his toys, administering kitty massage, understanding her meow, and keeping multiple cats in balance, plus hundreds of helpful tips.  Here’s one for the upcoming holiday season:  “One way to ensure your cat doesn’t become a real tree hugger and scale the tree,” says Moore, “is to place orange and lemon peels around the base of the tree.  Cats detest citrus smells.”  This guide will put you and your cat on track to hiss less and purr more.

Even experienced dog or cat owners will learn new things from these reads, and I’d consider them almost a “must-have” for first-time pet parents.