The Pomeranian


Interesting Facts:  In the 19th Century, Queen Victoria began breeding and showing Pomeranians.  The breed had been larger, and she began breeding them down in size, making them very popular in England. Poms make excellent circus performers.

Personality:  Lively, bold and inquisitive.  Eager to learn new tricks with a delightful nature, this dog can also be very demanding if allowed.  He will train you, finding ways to let you know what he wants. 

Preferences:  The Pomeranian will do well even without a yard because he is very active indoors.  Playing will burn some of his energy, but not his instinctual need to walk.  Walking and other exercise will abate some common behavior problems associated with the breed.

Size:  3-7 lbs.  Life expectancy:  15 years

Common Health Problems:  Prone to tooth tooth decay and early loss.  Feeding dry dog food, milk bones, and providing chew bones help keep teeth and gums healthy. 

Best Match:  Poms can be well rounded, trustworthy, a wonderful family companion.  Because of their size, they can make good companions for older people, but their energy can be a challenge.

Pomeranian Tip:  Though small, it is important to treat a Pomeranian like a dog and not carry her around all the time or let her boss her people around.  Also, the Pomeranian may not be ideal for an elderly person due to its energy level.

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Adoptable — Meet Tyson

Three-year-old Tyson was lost and his owner did not claim him at the shelter.  He was nervous in the shelter so was released to Oregon Dog Rescue and foster care.  Tyson needs a patient owner who will let him warm up to them.  A quiet home is a must, with no kids under 12 please.  He has very good house manners and loves to be somewhere in the house where he can keep an eye on everything.  Tyson loves walks and playing with toys.  His adoption fee is $250.  He is available to meet 11-5 every Saturday at the Tualatin PetsMart at 7029 SW Nyberg Rd. just east of the I-5 Tualatin Exit in the Nyberg Woods Shopping Center.


Megan Mahan lives with visiting foster animals, quite a few fish, and her boyfriend in Eugene, Oregon.  She is excited to now be with Spot full time, and devotes much of her free time to fostering pets and creative writing.  From her high school gig as Dog Bather to her more recent years working at the Santa Cruz SPCA where she was contributing editor of the newsletter, Megan has always lived, loved and worked with animals.

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7016 SW Nyberg St.,Tualatin, OR