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Now Showing: Going to the Cats!

It’s time for a little feline . . . . This month’s blog report is going to the cats! “William of Mass Destruction” is one passel of fur-tastic felines! The lineup includes William (male, black), Caroline and Russell (female and male Tabbies), Olivia (female, Dilute Torti), Gracie (female, Calico), Pretzel, and Pee Queen. Oh, and the Kangaroo (See March 2, 2010).

This feisty, furry, clan of four-leggers is a laugh a minute! From making trouble to practicing cute, they’ve got it in the bag. WMD offers quick reads and a daily dose of life with cats that most cat owners can relate to (hairballs — enough said), and other debacles we hope not to encounter (don’t miss Sept. 13, 2010).

The blog is more structured on certain days when the forum is placed in the paws of a couple of the kitties. For instance, Caroline has Meezer Wednesdays and Russell has Tuesdays with Russell. Bountiful pictures make for lots of enjoyment, and not just on Wordless Wednesdays. One of my favorites was Oct. 20, 2010 — the look on Caroline’s face! Go back a week earlier and Caroline fills us in on RTS (read and learn!). And then there is Aftermoth. I could go on and on (and on), but why don’t you head on over and check it out at

Something unique, too, an annual contribution to a worthy cause. The past two Novembers, the William of Mass Destruction blog has donated to the Wounded Warrior Project for comments made within a specified period of time. Even with all the hi-jinks and hoopla, visits to the blog are doing a service for others.

With the kitties’ adventures in trouble, quirky quips, adorable pictures, and fur-tastic attitude, Spot gives this blog four paws up!