Treeing Walker Coonhound

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Trademark: It’s not difficult to teach the Treeing Walker Coonhound to tree; they’re built for it.  Once shown, they’ll do it.  A descendant of the English Foxhound, the Treeing Walker was recognized as its own breed only recently, in 1946, and is lesser known than the Blue Tick or Redbone Coonhound.

Personality: Loving and eager to please, he is compatible with other dogs and children.  Play is serious but rewarding work for this dog.  She is intelligent and confident, but anxious and very energetic.  This breed is meant for rigorous exercise and was born to work.  Like all dogs, socialize early and often. 

Preferences:A hard worker, the Treeing Walker is not recommended for apartment life.  The dog will become depressed and anxiety ridden lying around without scent stimulations, and may just chew up your couch.

Size: 50-70 lbs.   Life expectancy:  12 years.

Health:A relatively healthy breed that does well even in hot climates. Check ears regularly and keep them clean on this average shedder.

Best Match:Avid outdoorsmen who want an easy care breed (grooming-wise), but can provide plenty of time for exercise and a fenced yard.

Tip:It is not a good idea to adopt a Treeing Walker in hopes he’ll be your inspiration to get active.  Adoptive families/individuals should already spend tons of active time outdoors.


Featured Rescue:West Columbia Gorge Humane Society has one of these beauties now, named Willow.  She’s 2½ years old, spayed and micro chipped.  Willow loves kids, the dog park and lots of attention.  As with any Coonhound, she is inquisitive and has a good nose, loves to run, and working satisfies her need for mental challenges.  The Treeing Walker is known to be a great, loyal family dog, loved by hunters for their great treeing ability.  Keeping her physically and mentally challenged will make her a happy family dog who will be tired at the end of the day and eager to relax with you.

To meet Willow contact the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society of Washougal, WA at 360-835-3464 or

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Megan Mahan lives with visiting foster animals, quite a few fish, and her boyfriend in Eugene, Oregon.  She is excited to now be with Spot full time, and devotes much of her free time to fostering pets and creative writing.  From her high school gig as Dog Bather to her more recent years working at the Santa Cruz SPCA where she was contributing editor of the newsletter, Megan has always lived, loved and worked with animals.