From the off-the-hook shelf

From the off-the-hook shelf:  Good dogs go to heaven; bad dogs go everywhere

Fixing Freddie book.jpg

Fixing Freddi is a pet memoir in the vein of Marley and Me.  It is the true story “of a boy, a mom, and a very, very bad Beagle.”   Author Paula Munier traces her journey as a hapless dog owner who acquires Freddie, a Beagle with a nose for trouble.  The narration is honest and inspiring as Paula struggles and enjoys living with and loving a disaster of a pup.  Reading this book will almost surely make you feel better about your own bad dog.

Freddi the dog book.jpg

Freddi the Dog is another “bad dog” book, but this one’s for the kids.  Husband and wife authors, Lisa and Randy Herman, share the tale of a sweet, loving Bull Terrier, Fredericka, who has a “teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy, tiny bone” that often gets tickled.  The illustrations by Bruce Hammond are fun and unique.  The book is the first in a series about the mischievous Freddie and her antics while her family is out.  This bad dog will surely make your children laugh.  Visit to become Freddi’s Friend, play games, enter contests, and order the book.