Blog Report: Say Yes! Dog Training

Susan Garrett is a well-known name in the world of agility, but perhaps less with the general public.  Garrett’s philosophies in dog training join scientific with cooperative approaches to produce a fruitful relationship between dog and owner.  Now is a great time to share her blog (, as you’ll find a ton of posts related to raising a new puppy and what it takes to shape, mold and train behaviors from the first.

The blogging takes all forms, from rants to raves, brags and more.  Some writers include pictures, others love to share video.  For some it seems cathartic, for others a way of sharing their knowledge and experience.  This blog combines a lot of these outlets and I think you’ll find it infinitely resourceful.  I particularly love that she includes tags so you can quickly and easily find information on specific topics.  A search feature can take you further if you don’t find a desired topic in the tags.  Topics include shaping, recall training, fitness, crate games, and drive, to name a few.  Whether you’re interested in participating in any sort of dog sport or just want your companion to understand the rules and behave, this blog has something for you.

I encourage you to check out the post from March 10, “Count This!”  This great video shows how to enjoy life with puppy while highlighting areas that will require work in order to prevent a problem child.  Many dogs take the place of children in peoples’ lives today for childless couples and empty nesters alike.  And spoiled, pampered pooches abound.  But as with human children, no one likes ill behavior.  In Garrett’s “Who Drives Your Bus?” she discusses how to raise a dog to know what to expect and live happily under your rules — rather than making his own and driving you mad. is a great blog with tons of good reading, training information, and applicable advice for day-to-day life with dogs.