Latest Favs from Megan

Hi!  Megan from Spot here.  Last month my boyfriend and I bought a house in Eugene, so now I’m a real Oregonian. 

During the transaction our wonderful Realtor lost her beloved Golden, Crawford.  I felt really sad for her.  I had already planned to pick up a bouquet to thank her, and as it happened, right about that time I heard from floral designer Annie Chen.  Annie told me she did “Memorial Bouquets” for dogs.  I had never seen a bouquet in the shape of a dog, but it sounded like the perfect thing to both say thank you and to commemorate Crawford — especially when Annie asked if the flowers could be yellow.

Floral Dog.jpg

I was so excited to pick up the bouquet, and was thrilled to discover the arrangement was better than anything I imagined.  Our Realtor loved it, and on the way out of her office two or three women in the building tried to convince her to put it in their office!  I believe they really enjoyed having the beautiful flower dog as a memorial to their baby, and I would definitely recommend Annie’s dog bouquets for any occasion.  They’re amazing!  Contact Annie at 503-706-6286 or check out more of her creations at