We've Been Shopping!

Here’s what we love . . .

food bowls product.jpg

Fine dining for Fido

Eco-Diners Elevated feeders, made from 100% locally-salvaged wood, aid in digestibility.  I like how sturdy the feeder is and that it looks nice in my kitchen.  And I love that the company is local — Shopdog Wood Works is based in Eugene, OR.  The feeders are safe for your pets as they’re made with natural finishes.  Learn more about the company and its products at ShopDogWoodworks.com.        

organic product.jpg

Great organic treatments

Mad About Organics is another great Oregon company.  I was able to treat my 10-week-old foster kitten with their Organic Cat Flea & Tick Shampoo and with their Dog/Cat Insect Relief Spray to ensure we didn’t get fleas in our new carpet.  The spray killed the fleas, and I didn’t have to worry that the kitten would suffer ill effects from chemicals found in many other products.  And we sprayed the dogs for the added bonus of now not having to worry about disease-carrying ticks!  I would highly recommend their products and, at $5-$15, the flea/insect control products are really affordable.  Check out Mad About Organics products — “Safe, Natural & Effective” — at MadAboutOrganics.com.

vaccuum product.jpg

Suck it up!

Our old vacuum is dying and with a revolving door of foster dogs, hair gets on everything!  After doing the research, Miele’s S7 Cat & Dog Series Vac is my new dream vacuum.  It has an AirClean filter bag to trap hair and dander, and a filter to absorb pet odors.  The top swivels, making it more flexible than other vacuums, and the best feature is the upholstery brush that gets hair off furniture with little effort. 

Special thanks to Craig, new owner of Corvallis Sewing & Vacuum Center, for teaching me about the Cat and Dog Vac, and letting me do a test drive.  In Eugene, you can test drive it yourself at Paramount Sewing and Vacuum on Green Acres Rd.   The machine is a little pricey, but it’s a lasting investment, and it works better than any vacuum I’ve ever used!  Learn more at MieleUSA.com