Adopting a cat seems the Portland thing to do

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Right now there is a bevy of kitties at local shelters waiting for someone to adopt and love them forever.  So, will they be waiting long or will their purr-fect match walk through the shelter doors any minute?

In a metro area that prides itself on being green and renewable, Portlanders are flocking to local shelters to adopt their pets — the ultimate in loving repurposing!

An overwhelming majority of those who responded to a quick recent (local) online poll indicated they adopted their pet from Cat Adoption Team (45.5 percent), a humane society (23.3 percent), an animal control shelter (8.5 percent), and/or another rescue organization (15.9 percent).

I was amazed to discover this, since nationally only 30 percent* of pet owners adopt from an animal shelter.

Other than adopting, most found their beloved cat as a stray (33 percent – higher than the national average of 19 percent) or through a friend (21.6 percent – slightly lower than the national average of 25 percent). †

A common remark from survey respondents was, “my cat found me.”  My favorite was,  “I’ve never actually had the opportunity to pick out a cat myself.  They always seem to come to me in some way.”

This I can relate to. I am in awe of those who can go through a shelter and find the right pet.  All mine have just sort of come to me.

Another recent poll of pet owners showed that 54 percent are extremely likely to adopt their next pet from a shelter.

Many local organizations were mentioned by name in response to my survey — what better recommendation than from another pet lover?

When it comes time to enhance your family, check out: Cat Adoption Team, Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter, Oregon Humane Society, Salem Friends of Felines, the Florence Area Humane Society, Seattle Animal Shelter, and Kitsap Humane Society (Washington).

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Kathy is PR Manager for the Cat Adoption Team, author of the Cat's Meow Blog on, and member of the Cat Writer's Association. She's worked for the Humane Society of the United States and the Oregon Humane Society. Kathy and her hubby live with two 'adopted from a shelter' cats - Mack and Clio.