Blog Report: Jemma and Tofu

How could you go wrong?

jemma and tofu.jpg

Jemma and Tofu ( — what a duo!  A cat three times the weight of the dog, a relationship typical of dogs and cats, but paired in this blog for good-humored, sweet-tempered, often laugh-out-loud pleasure.  Jemma is an eight-year-old long-haired Chihuahua, while Tofu is a youngster at just three years old.  Both are quite blonde —perhaps in more than looks.  One of the things that makes this blog so enjoyable is its abundance of photos.  Jemma and Tofu’s mom takes pictures of everything — from the ride to the veterinarian to new toys, treats, and the making of new treats (bison and raspberries — yum!).

A constant in most pet blogs is the theme of love.  After all, what other than an abundance of love for our furry, hoofed, or feathered critters, would fuel the time and energy required to sustain a blog?  In this case, love is oh-so-apparent in everyday ways, but also in ways that surprise. 

The recent disaster in Japan fueled many pet parents’ concerns about radiation exposure to an extreme.  Jemma shares that experience in her late March posting titled “House Arrest.”  She laments over the travesty of being held captive in her home and considers taking up yoga as a pastime.  Somehow the idea of Jemma doing yoga is not all that startling . . . go for the chair pose, Jemma!

Some posts are written from Tofu’s perspective, others from Jemma’s, and occasionally their mom chimes in.  Jemma and Tofu’s blog brings lovely harmony to humor, heartfelt affection, the daily life of dogs and cats, and education and experiences from those living with the pair.  You won’t find this blog lacking in videos, cute stories, quirky moments, and light-hearted reading, all guaranteed to boost your day. 


Kennedy Morgan is a Portland-area dog mom, customer service manager for a small software company, and now freelance writer. Kennedy, her Dane, Vegas, and new addition, a Pomeranian, Leo, can be found playing with their many Dane friends (and their people) at weekly Portland Great Dane Community meetups. Contact her at Photo is Vegas (Apache Vegas Rose)