The Siamese Cat

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Interesting Fact:  In Thailand, the Siamese is one of several native breeds of cat, and is called Wichien-maat which means “moon diamond.”  Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Appearance: This breed is recognized by its distinctive coloring and almond-shaped, bright blue eyes.  They are sleek with colored points on their ears, face, tail and feet.  Siamese point colors can be Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, Cinnamon, Fawn, Red, Cream, Apricot or Caramel.

Personality: Described as intelligent, lively and entertaining, these beautiful felines like to be the center of attention.  It may be possible to teach your Siamese to fetch or walk on a leash or harness if desired.  Also, Siamese cats are generally talkers.  They can at times be extremely loud, their call resembling the cry of a baby.  Some may be very vocal, while others may only “talk” occasionally, or “answer” when you talk to them.  Spaying and neutering will typically cut down on the talking, which is most amplified during heat.

Preferences: Generally, indoor-only cats live longer, healthier lives.  Statistically indoor cats live up to 20 years, while their outdoor counterparts generally live about 12.  The Siamese is energetic, and if he lives strictly indoors should have plenty of places to climb and perch up high, and plenty of things to play with.  Toys will help ensure plenty of exercise.

Size:  8-14 lbs (females tend to be smaller)   Life Expectancy:  13 years

Common Health Problems: Generally healthy cats, crossed eyes occasionally occur but are not harmful.  Things to watch for, especially in purebreds, include heart murmurs and kidney disease.

Best Match: These cats love their humans and follow them around.  If you aren’t home much you don’t want a Siamese; they do not do well without their people.  Also, if you like quiet at home, check this detail when considering your new best friend; some Siamese are quieter than others.  Those who really want it quiet may do better with a different type of cat.


Adoptable: Stewie is one cool guy!  He is a very handsome 4-5-year-old Snowshoe Siamese mix (check out his mustache) who enjoys attention and brushing to make him feel like the royalty he is!  He also is an excellent ball chaser (bell inside preferred) and has lots of kitten in him still.  Stewie has been diagnosed with feline asthma, a common cat heath issue, and currently is taking a small dose of medication and using a daily inhaler.

Meet Stewie at S.A.R.A.’s Treasures at 871 River Rd in Eugene any day between 10am and 6pm.  You’ll meet Stewie’s rescued, adoptable friends too; he and all his friends are indoor only. 

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Megan Mahan lives with visiting foster animals, quite a few fish, and her boyfriend in Eugene, Oregon.  She is excited to now be with Spot full time, and devotes much of her free time to fostering pets and creative writing.  From her high school gig as Dog Bather to her more recent years working at the Santa Cruz SPCA where she was contributing editor of the newsletter, Megan has always lived, loved and worked with animals.