We've Been Shopping...here's what we love...

product 1-hot joe jacket.jpg

Cute jackets . . . for your java

Hot Joe Jackets made in West Linn, Oregon put the cute in coffee-cup jackets.  They are insulated, reusable, reversible, machine washable and also eco-friendly.  I use mine for my morning iced mocha.  While walking my foster dog it keeps the cold from my fingers — I love that.  It’s also really cute, and it fits 12, 16 & 20 oz. cups, so it’s great even on a huge coffee morning.  Great gift for a dog-loving coffee drinker (or yourself!).  See hotjoejacket.com for more fun designs.

product2a-Wild Child.jpg

Get dressed!

Wild Child Pet Fashions is a friend of Spot and also a regular at local pet events, so we were eager to try on and show off some of their collection. 

Pictured is a fun cowboy outfit, and Wild Child also offers really practical dog gear and apparel such as harnesses and belly bands (to help prevent indoor accidents).   On the more whimsical side are beautiful dresses and matching hats for the fashion-minded canine.  If your dog likes clothes, I recommend Wild Child’s high-quality products that come in a wide variety of styles.  Visit wildchildpetfashions.com to see more offerings and a list of retailers.