Alaskan Malamute

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Trademark:  Around 2000 to 3000 years ago, the Mahlemuit Eskimos of Alaska (their namesakes) highly valued these dogs as their only form of transportation.

Personality: This dog is powerful and strong-willed but also loyal, family-oriented and fun-loving — with very high energy levels.  Some have a dominant personality toward other dogs, especially males.  Generally people lovers, some Malamutes’ owners say they would kiss an intruder.

Preferences:  Lots of exercise and room to roam.  This dog will want to be the center of family activities.

Size:  70- 90 lbs       Life expectancy:  12-15 years

Common Health Problems:  Health concerns include cataracts and coronary heart disease.  Bloat can sometimes be a risk, as the Malamute may bolt its food.


Featured Adoptable:  Katherine is a sweet 8-year-old gal fostered through Cascade Alaskan Malamute Enthusiast Organization of Molalla, OR.  Her previous owner passed away and Katherine’s world has been turned upside-down. 

She is adjusting well to life in her foster home,  becoming more spunky every day.  She is a jokester and loves to grab and play with boxes or sheets of paper.  When allowed, she shreds it all and then lies happily in the pile she has made.  She gets a twinkle in her eye that lightens the job of clean-up.  No cats please.  To learn more or to meet Katherine, please contact

Best Match:  This dog should only be brought into a home after careful research and thought, and ideally to the home of an experienced dog owner.  Malamutes have a high prey drive, so if you adopt, make sure the pup is good with cats or other small animals.  If you get a puppy Malamute be prepared to put in the work of socializing the dog with people and other dogs/animals.  The Malamute does better indoors during warm and hot weather.  A nice quality is this dog is clean and odorless, though it is a heavy shedder who should be groomed twice a week.  

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Megan Mahan lives with visiting foster animals, quite a few fish, and her boyfriend in Eugene, Oregon.  She is excited to now be with Spot full time, and devotes much of her free time to fostering pets and creative writing.  From her high school gig as Dog Bather to her more recent years working at the Santa Cruz SPCA where she was contributing editor of the newsletter, Megan has always lived, loved and worked with animals.