Milk Bone & The FURminator

We've Been Shopping!

Here’s what we love…


Milk Bone has introduced some new products and I’m so pleased that they have gone in a healthy direction.  I love the Mini’s Flavor Snacks because now you can give your dog a treat or two without giving him too much — plus the little bones are cute!  The Healthy Favorites line includes Chewy Treats (great for training) and Granola Biscuits — both have few ingredients that I can actually pronounce.

Several of my foster dogs liked all of the different types of treats, and I appreciated ingredients such as sweet potato, corn and apples in the Healthy Favs line — all things I know are good for dogs.  It’s fantastic to see a big brand such as Milk Bone moving in this natural/health conscious direction! 


FURminator was nice enough to send us the “My FURst Groomer” and the deShedding tool for small cats for when we had foster kittens.  FURminator helped keep the couch hair-free, and it’s a great idea to start grooming kitty early so he/she will enjoy it for a lifetime.  The FURst groomer also comes with a slicker brush, and both tools are designed to be gentle and soothing to baby kitty’s skin.  The deShedding tool claims to reduce shedding by 90 percent, which is awesome for cat lovers — who wants to roll lint every time you leave the house?