Blog Report: Honey the Great Dane

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This month we take a trip across the globe to visit Honey the Great Dane (  Honey’s blog, facilitated by her human, Hsin-Yi, is enjoyable, funny, educational, and entertaining.  Honey is living the life down under, where she is best known in the blog world for her fancy footwork.  In fact, she’s running her own Dancing with the Doggie Stars competition for aspiring freestylers. 

Hsin-Yi does a fantastic job of providing a blog appealing to dog and cat owners alike.  The videos are wonderful (and plentiful!) and the pictures priceless. 

In many ways Honey’s website and blog can be used as a training resource.  There are links and recommendations on a variety of books on topics ranging from raw feeding to general canine behavior, on cats, puppies, and aggression.  Honey has been introduced to and tried many activities in her life thus far, and most of them are documented here.  If you’re looking for something fun to try, let Honey show you how a dog can get a tissue for his or her human (, or pick up her toys in her youtube video

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Cats and dogs are born to be at odds, right?  Not in Honey’s world.  When beloved family pet, Lemon, passed away far too young, it would seem that another cat to fill her paws was asking too much.  Would you believe a cat could come into a household with a 125-pound dog and begin a lovely life of love, trust, and sibling adoration?  Believe it.  Honey graciously shares the spotlight from time to time with her sweet-tempered and adorable kitten sister, Museli.  An entry from June 14 presents a laugh-out-loud story of Honey and Muesli putting their heads together to bury Honey’s bone . . . and getting into a world of trouble.  This one will get you hooked and racking up frequent flier miles to Oz, courtesy of Honey the Great Dane.