Blog Report: Citizen Canine

Blog-Mary Burch.JPG

This month’s blog pick, Citizen Canine (, is functional as well as fun.  A favorite feature?  Free advice on common problems from expert Animal Behaviorist Mary Burch.  Her entries include fun anecdotes, inspirational stories (check the Aug. 10 post), lots of pictures, and great advice.

Looking for training advice on conquering canine fears?  Aug. 9 Burch talks about overcoming the fear of umbrellas.  In the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we spend umpteen months in the rain.  Surely you tire of standing outside waiting for your dog to “do the deed.”  And will you look that:  Burch’s Aug. 1 post is on teaching your dog to go on command!  Tired of your dog taking you on a walk?  Read the tips on putting leisure back into your walking routine.

The sky is the limit for the range of topics Burch covers.  She welcomes reader commentary as well as pictures, training questions, and success stories.  Check Citizen Canine and start your dog on the road to being the star in your household.