42 Rules to Fight Canine Cancer

Book-42 Rules.JPG

by Aimee Quemuel

Aimee Quemuel wrote this book to pool the collective knowledge of dog owners and provide hope.  The book is full of stories of dogs with cancer that lived well beyond their prognoses with the help of holistic and/or conventional treatments.  The author’s own beloved Golden Retriever, Cody, lived past his “few day” prognosis to 519 days and passed away at 12 years, 7 months, a ripe old age for a large dog.

Readers are offered a sense of hope and empowerment through detailed accounts of the methods each owner chose.  These include chemo, dietary changes, stress reduction, Eastern modalities, non-toxic toys, cleaners, and flea treatments.  Each method won’t work for every dog or every type of cancer, but the wide array makes it a worthy reference. 

For any dog owner now is the best time to get armed with knowledge about cancer, as sadly, it’s predicted that half of all dogs will get cancer in their lifetime.  100% of author proceeds from 42 Rules are donated to dog charities.  If you are currently dealing with canine cancer, visit fightdogcancer.com for “a repository of dog cancer stories, treatment plans, tips from dog owners” and to connect with other dog guardians.