DoGood Dog Treats & Floaa Pet Dishes

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DoGood Dog Treats “Pacific Northwest Pride”

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DoGoods have great flavors — Beef Cheddar Potato, Blueberry Antioxidant, Omega Carrot Cake and Turkey Sweet Potato, and are “only the best for you dog.”  DoGoods are carried only in local businesses so you won’t find them at big box stores.  The ingredients are human grade, natural, and 100% made or grown in the USA.  Plus, the DoGoodsFriends of Shelter Animals Programhelps animals right in the community in which products are purchased by sharing profits with the organizations helping displaced dogs. 

I’ve seen dogs love them and humans try (the blueberry), which they said weren’t bad!).   Aside from a premium and socially responsible treat for your dog, these make a great gift for someone wanting something distinctly “Northwest.”  Pick up a box at your neighborhood Nature’s Pet Market or check them out at

Overall rating:  5 paws 

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Floaa Pet Dishes

Floaa “Dish-sposables” are a great fit for camping or traveling — or everyday use if you hate washing pet dishes.  They’re stackable and 100% compostable since they’re made from cane sugar fiber.  The cavity around the bowl keeps water or food from spilling, and they’re so sturdy you can rinse and reuse one dish about four times.  Order or learn more about them at

Overall rating:  5 paws