Dremel Tool for Nails


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Dremel Tool for Nails - Rated 5 out 5 paws

Description:  An electric nail file

Clippers are most often used for trimming the nails of dogs and cats, but for rounded, smooth nails, adding a dremel to the process gives a great finish that’s ideal for hardwood floors, and gentler on everything they touch.

How to Use the Dremel:  First with the clippers, trim the tip of nail, which is hollow and pointed.  Next use the dremel to file down and round the edges.  Stop when you see the quick, which is the meaty center of the nail that houses the blood supply.  Until you reach the quick the nail you’re filing will be flaky and lighter.  On a white nail you can see the blood vein, but with a little know-how (see diagram) and practice you can tell where it is on darker nails too.  If you clip a small amount at a time and use the dremel tool, it's less intimidating.  Plus, if you reach the quick with the dremel, you'll have a lot less bleeding.

Perfectly trimmed, filed nails


Kwik = blood supply     Cut at the dotted line     Properly trimmed nail

As nails grow so does the blood supply, or quick.  If you clip or file small amounts every few days the quick will continue to recede.  If you do happen to cut the quick the nail will bleed; stop the bleeding with kwik-stop or flour. 

Where to get it:   Local hardware stores, dremel.com, or andis.com.   I recommend a plug-in model over cordless for the increased power.