For the Love of Dogs


For the Love of Dogs: An A to Z Primer for Dog Lovers of All Ages

by Allison Weiss Entrekin * Illustrated by Mark Anderson

This oversized book, released last year, is a beautiful collection of illustrations, rhymes, and factual tidbits on dogs and dog culture.  This is the latest book in the For the Love of series from Triumph Press, and certainly one of the cutest. 

For the Love of Dogs can truly be enjoyed by all ages.  The rhymes correspond to a letter in the alphabet, for example:  “A is for adoption.  Though dogs love to roam, every last one knows there's no place like home, so it can be read as a children’s book, but the additional text will appeal to all.  Dogs is also thoroughly modern:  “F” is for the First dog, namely President Obama’s Bo, and the foreword was written by celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell.

Among the most charming features of the book are the illustrations by Mark Anderson, which capture the look and essence of numerous breeds.  For the Love of Dogs is a fantastic gift for the dog-loving family, and will be browsed time and again with pleasure.