The French Bulldog aka The Frenchie


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Spotlight on...The French Bulldog aka The Frenchie

Breed Overview

Size:   Small
Grooming:   Minimal
Exercise:     Undemanding
Environment:   Indoors, needs moderate temps
Temperament:  Adaptable, affectionate
Life Expectancy:  10-12 years

Interesting Facts:  Frenchies have a very interesting background:  not only is breed ancestry debated, but it has been known as both a gentlemen’s dog (a favorite of high society France) and a pampered pet of the Parisian “ladies of the night.”  Nicknames:  The Clown in the Philosopher’s Cloak and Frog Dog (a nod to their splayed hips in repose).

Appearance:  The French Bulldog has distinctively rounded bat-like ears.  He has a slightly domed head, with large round eyes.  He is sturdy and compact, with a large chest and tapering hindquarters.  Her build is slighter than that of the English Bulldog.    

Personality:  Frenchies are wonderful companions.  These lapdogs love giving and receiving affection.  They are playful, and often referred to as little “clowns.”  They do well with children, but their robust little shapes and playful nature increases the possibility of knocking little ones down.  They are alert and inquisitive.  Frenchies do well with short walks in the cooler part of the day.

Common Health Problems:  Frenchies sometimes have respiratory and eye problems, and excess weight can exacerbate breathing problems.  They need to be kept safe around water as they can drown.  They also can have difficulty whelping.

Best Match:  Not a particularly athletic dog, Frenchies are more couch companion than running partner.  They’ll do best with someone who is able to be with them a lot and provide plenty of attention.  They can also be stubborn, but typically do well with patient and positive training.

Lady Bug

Lady Bug

Featured Adoptable:  Lady Bug is French Bulldog and Chihuahua mix, and a sweet little girl as lovely as her name.  She was found as a stray and turned over to Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon when no one came forward to claim her.  The rescue discovered she had bladder stones, all of which were surgically removed.  She’s now in excellent health but needs to remain on a special diet to prevent bladder stones from recurring.  This friendly little bug gets along great with other dogs and cats, as well as kids who will be respectful of her petite stature.  Lady Bug is waiting for her loving, forever family who will treat her like the princess she is . . . perhaps that’s yours?  Meet Lady Bug by contacting Senior Dog Rescue in Philomath, Oregon, 541-929-4100.