Grey Horse Matters

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I’m changing focus a bit this month to take a look at a blog focused on another kind of four-legged critter — horses.  The more blogs I peruse, the more I realize what I enjoy most.  Blogs that for me are fun, engaging, and draw me back are those with real stories that paint a mental picture and make me laugh.  I like pictures.  I like learning.  And I like feeling connected and engaged to the writer.  Grey Horse Matters has all that and more.

Take, for instance, the recent post, “Limitations” (Aug. 28, ’12).  How many of us get excited to do something we’ve always enjoyed only to find afterward we’re experiencing aches and pains, plus dismay that age is starting to take hold?  In author Arlene’s, post, “News Flash:  Dusty’s a Witch” (July 24, ’12) she shares a training challenge with one of her equine companions, reminding us that with pets there’s always something to be working on.  “Taking a Break” (May 14, ‘12) is a familiar sight — they’re all ears until the goodies are gone.

For a little variety, take a gander at more of Arlene’s May posts — you might spy something a little foxy!

All in all, I think you’ll find Grey Horse Matters a great blog to add to your ‘must reads.’  Head on over to check ‘em out at