Remembering Maggie


While fact-checking names for the Cover Model Search - Willamette Valley this spring/summer, we spoke with the family of this sweet trio of dogs from Sweet Home. 

We learned that the oldster, 12-year-old Maggie (at right) had passed away shortly after their photo was taken at the Springfield PetFest in July.  While they were included in the drawing for the October cover, the Spot crew felt we should make special mention of these precious babies.  When their dad Bob was interviewed he shared this special story about Maggie.

Maggie started out as a tiny girl who just fit in the hand of her new dad Bob, who wasn't really a dog person when Maggie joined their household.  Bob said she actually chose him and right away started sleeping in the bed and wanting to be with him every minute of every day.  Since Bob had a business running big equipment he left her at home during the day.  Maggie would beg to go with him to work, and would sleep on the couch all day waiting for him to come home, giving him the big bottom lip when he got back.  When she finally did get to go to work with him she would ride with him on the grader or run alongside on the rocks ‘til her pads would actually get sore.  She loved to ride with Bob in the dump truck, and has traveled all over the United States by his side.  “We were hooked at the hip,” says Bob. 

The Spot Crew thanks Bob and his family for sharing, and sends heartfelt condolences for the loss of their sweet Maggie.