Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan . . . a love story


Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan . . . a love story

by Lloyd Burlingame

Imagine the challenges of being blind.  Now imagine being blind and getting around the bustling streets and buildings of New York City.  Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan grants you an inside view of life as a guide dog in a big city.

Lloyd Burlingame writes an engaging tale from the perspective of his two guide dogs, Hickory and Kemp.  Burlingame enjoyed an exciting career as a prominent stage designer and chair of the design program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts until the loss of his vision left him concerned about becoming isolated and reclusive.  Happily, he was paired with two wonderful dogs from The Seeing Eye training school who have allowed him to continue a full life, including an overseas journey and frequent trips to the opera.

Coming off as smart and happy dogs, Hickory and Kemp's unique personalities are engaging.  Though Hickory often grouses he isn't getting nearly enough food (what Lab wouldn't say that?!) and both dogs question the importance of attending so much opera. 

It’s endearing to read how the author, who was previously not a great lover of dogs, comes to have deep love and gratitude for his guides.  Additionally, reading about the experiences of a person without vision reminds us to be grateful for our health, and to be kind and patient with those who live with challenges every day.  Photos of Lloyd and his guides on adventures top off this enjoyable read.