Boswell Speaks


Boswell Speaks

by Richard Grossman

Boswell Speaks is a hilarious novel in three volumes by Richard Grossman, written in and based upon the popular twitter feed of the same name.  Grossman is tasked with relaying Boswell's thoughts on all things human and animal, which overlap in funny, unexpected ways.

Boswell sees politics in the neighborhood pets, worships TV personalities for their kibble-creating potential, and — with the help of his magical chew toy — endeavors to decipher the mysteries of the universe in his bowl.  Whether you have already enjoyed Boswell's brand of humor in 140-character Twitter installments or are new to his world view, you'll appreciate the satirical canine point of view in Boswell Speaks.


Boswell Speaks, Volumes 1, 2, and 3, each with author’s introduction and illustrations by Eric Hanson, are available for $.99 each at the Kindle Store at, the NOOK Book Store at, and the iTunes Store at