Dog-E-Glow - LED Dog Collar and Leash


We've Been Shopping...Here's what we love...

Dog-E-Glow - LED Dog Collar and Leash

Here in the Northwest we love our sports teams and our pets!  The Dog-E-Glow collar and leash are a great way to show your team pride while make evening walks safer. 

There are various types of attachable lights on the market, as well as reflective leashes and collars.  Dog-E-Glow products are a step up, with built-in LEDs visible up to 1,000 feet.  In the short dark days of the many weeks ahead you want your dog to be seen.

The gear is also cute.  Our dog has been wearing a University of Oregon Ducks collar with a six-foot leash.  The Collegiate Collection includes the Top 75 NCAA Division I Universities.  If you're not a sports fan, Dog-E-Glow offers other fun patterns as well.


The two drawbacks are replacing the batteries (but you start with a 1,000-hour battery life and it comes with extras), and that the collar/leash can't be submerged in water.  Since our dog wants to dive in whenever she sees water, this means I only use the Dog-E-Glow at night.  I did find that the lights (which can either blink or stay constant) offered better visibility than smaller lights and reflective leashes we've used in the past.  

For those who walk in lower-light conditions, I definitely recommend Dog-E-Glow projects for maximizing you and your pet’s visibility . . . and safety.