2 Top Dogs a Dynamic Duo


Top Dogs Diane Kunkle of Paws Aquatics and Rubi Sullivan of Heal Animal Massage are rehab rock stars alone.  Together, they are a super-duo in treating ill and injured animals.

Kunkle, a licensed vet tech, welcomes clients to the spa and pool in her Milwaukie home.  Her clients come for rehab, but also fun swimming and dock diving.

Sullivan’s business is thriving too, and it shows — she’s been the Top Dog in her field since the Awards began in 2008.  Heal operates out of vet clinics, businesses, and client homes; Sullivan also visits daycare/boarding facilities, where massage reduces stress and promotes circulation.

Get to know Rubi Sullivan and Diane Kunkle intimately next month when Spot follows their (success) story with 9-year-old, 8-pound Sophie.