Compassion and Care


Drum roll please . . .  “And now, the Top Dog in two major categories — Veterinarian and Veterinary Practice.  And the award goes to . . . Dr. Courtney Anders and Pearl Animal Hospital!”

Congratulations — Spot readers spoke loud and clear and the veterinary pearls of The Pearl came out shining.  Participation was up in this fourth year of the Top Dog awards, which meant stiffer competition.  Clearly the hospital and doctor’s hard word, dedication, and mission mean a lot to the pet community.

As most pet owners know, what we don’t know scares us and sometimes what we do know — or learn — scares us more.  The great team who “gets it” at Pearl Animal Hospital provides information and genuine compassion which can make the difference that matters. 

Perhaps it is a practical philosophy, a way of doing business that boosted the hospital to #1.  Namely, helping clients understand what’s going on, what options are available and why one might be better than another, all the while showing kindness for the animal, and owner.

Nestled on NW 10th, this gem of a practice is open six days a week.  On staff, in addition to Dr. Anders, are two associate veterinarians, Dr. Williams and Dr. Lord, along with support personnel. Their experience and interests are vast, and the clinic website has lots of helpful nuggets of information — including local links worth bookmarking.