Parkway Vet: A Favorite with Cat Lovers


Living up to the distinction earned in 2010’s Top Dog Awards, Parkway Veterinary Clinic was a strong winner again this year.  This versatile and cutting-edge practice  ranked highly among Northwest cat lovers, winning 1st Place in Cat Medical, 2nd Place in Cat Grooming, and 4th in Cat Boarding.  Voters also bestowed Parkway with a prestigious 2nd Place for Veterinary Practice.

Spot readers are obviously onto something; Parkway’s Dr. Gregg Takashima, owner of Parkway, received the 2011 Veterinarian of the Year award by the American Animal Hospital Association. Congratulations Parkway and Dr. Takashima!

Parkway’s philosophy is grounded on the strong belief in the human-animal bond and that the relationship benefits both human and animal.  The team at this full-service hospital strives to pair top-line medical care with genuine compassion.

Parkway is thrilled with its great standing with Spot readers two years in a row.  In addition to the rankings mentioned, Parkway also placed 5th for Dog Grooming, and in the top 7 for Medical Rehab / Sports Medicine.