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Antler Hemp Rope from Wild Chewz, Double E Pet Products

Many dogs enjoy chewing the marrow from antlers, while their humans will appreciate a preoccupied dog and the benefit of clean teeth.  Wild Chewz Antler Hemp Rope, a combination chew, fetch and tug toy, comes from free-ranging elk, so the antlers are hormone-free.  The hemp comes from Romania, reputed to have higher water and air quality the other leading hemp exporters.  Additionally, hemp has natural insecticide properties, so these ropes aren’t treated with pesticides like some.  Once a dog gets ahold of one, the hemp may fray into small fibers, but I didn’t find it messy and understand hemp is more digestible than chunks from cotton rope.

Reactions from the four dogs I treated to the ropes ranged from elated — one wouldn’t give up the rope antler at bedtime — to occasionally chewing and playing fetch with it.  The hemp smell really seems to attract dogs!

Tip: if your dog isn’t initially interested, put the antler in boiling chicken broth.

Get it:  BEND:  Mini Pet Mart, Bend Pet Express.  EUGENE:  Nature’s Pet, The Healthy Pet.  PORTLAND METRO:  MEAT for cats and dogs, Nature’s Pet, Salty’s Dog and Cat Shop, Pets on Broadway, Portland Pet Supply.  SALEM:  Salem Pet Supply, South Salem Pet Supply.  REDMOND:  Animal Land.  WASHINGTON:  Green Cottage Pets (Gig Harbor), Simply Paws (Federal Way).  ONLINE:  wildchewz.com.

Double E Pet products is a family-run business in Bend, Oregon that manufactures and distributes high-quality, eco-friendly pet products. 



FURDry Wearable Dog Towel, FURminator

FURminator, the maker of the well known de-shedding pet brush, has a new item:  the FURDry wearable dog towel.

FURDry towels help pet parents dry their dogs without a commercial dryer, and eliminates having a wet dog all over the car, carpet or furniture.  Throw it on after an afternoon outdoors, a swim, or a visit to the dog wash.

The towel slips over the dog’s head and tail and cinches around the body with a Velcro strap to fit snuggly and comfortably, even for more active dogs. 

This is one of those products where you wonder where it’s been all this time.  I did initially have trouble finding a dog that fit the medium-sized FURDry towel, so measure your pup before purchasing and don’t just follow breed guidelines.  An online sizing chart can help with the measurements.  

Get it:  FUR Dry is sold at pet stores such as Petco, and is available online at FURminator.com.