Blog Report: Three Frogs and a Dobe


Endearing.  Poetic.  Awe-inspiring.  And amazing.

The intro to these dogs tells a lot in and of itself . . . “Muzzy (a red Doberman who is an angel masquerading as a dog), and French Bulldogs Lulu (who is a monkey, trapped in a dog wearing a pig costume) and Soren (who combines the naïve, boyish charm of Ritchie Cunningham with a hint of Ferris Bueller).”

Three Frogs and a Dobe ( is a delightful blend of photo journalism, witty charm, and feel-good enjoyment.  Take Muzzy, for instance, a rescued Doberman weighing 40-some-odd pounds, with ear and skin infections overwhelming her body.  That didn’t deter her mom, Deb though, and thanks to giving Muzzy a home, a chance, time and effort, Muzzy is now living a dream life far from her beginnings.  Muzzy’s giving back to others, too — as a therapy dog.

Then there are the Frenchies.  Oh, the trio that is Audra, Soren and Lulu.  And the faces they make!  What characters they are to read about, let alone imagine living with.  They are an adventuresome bunch, taking part in obedience, agility, conformation, and just loving life.  


This blog is somewhat nontraditional, as it’s a story of the crew’s life in snapshots, moments in time, and stories without the day-by-day account.  I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we have.

Quirky, quippy, and at times laugh-out-loud funny, the photos tell so much about the Three Frogs and a Dobe.  For instance, check out the running commentary along with the photos in “The Serious Non-Traditional Agility Students” album.  If you’re a comic fan, you’ll certainly enjoy “Holiday Photos.”  Last but certainly not least, there’s the episode of “Soren vs. The Lobster.”  Get ready to laugh, shake your head, and mutter in wonder, shock and pure amusement at the antics, the life, and the love for and from Three Frogs and a Dobe.