VCA NWVS workshop earns high praise


Pet first aid skills are the kind you hope you’ll never have to use, but acquiring them is so important . . . the confidence and preparation for things that can happen is something every pet parent should have.  And who better to educate than the pros who deal with life and death situations daily? 

NW Veterinary Specialists recently held a well-attended, very organized and thoroughly enjoyable pet first aid course at Oregon Humane Society.  Drs. Heidi Houchen, Rochelle Low, Gretchen Sicard and Licensed Veterinary Technician, Beth Woodson clearly care about the subject matter, and delivered a wonderful presentation.  Four hours flew by with great information, thorough material, and interactive hands-on training involving three sweet, patient pups. 

Covering everything from muzzling and restraining to bleeding and bandaging, CPR, toxins and a well-stocked first aid kit, this highly recommended course should be required for anyone with pets. 


Even if you consider yourself a “well-informed” pet parent, you will gain insightful knowledge that could be invaluable in a crisis.  And here’s something:  the workshop was free!  The bagels, coffee and gift bags were a nice added touch.   

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— contributed by Vonnie Harris * Spot Magazine