A Natural Approach to Relieving Flea Problems and Flea Allergies


The most powerful tool for eliminating flea problems is one that you probably have: the brush!

Brushing your cat or dog outdoors (or on a towel that youshake outdoors) is absolutely amazing at keeping the flea population in check. Eighty percent of the flea population is in the form of eggs. These eggsare easily removed with a gentle but somewhat vigorous (alternating brush strokes with the fur, and then against the fur) brushing. You will also dislodge many pupae and larvae – the adults simply jump off.  Every day you can remove more than 80% of the flea population in the area it is most highly concentrated in, your critter! 

Taking dog and cat beds outside and shaking them once a week adds even more benefit. Vacuuming under and around critter beds once a week is usually sufficient.  Make sure you put some Diatomaceous Earth (found in garden shops as a slug killer) in your vacuum bag to prevent eggs from hatching and adult fleas from climbing out!  In a week or two, a flea infestation becomes a flea issue. In a couple more weeks, the flea population is so low that fleas are no longer a problem and you can go to a less intense brushing, bed shaking, and vacuuming routine.

If your critter does not enjoy being brushed, you will need to work slowly to rebuild her trust, working for short periods of 30-60 seconds of brushing in a feel-good area. For cats, usually the cheeks and top of the head is preferred while dogs tend to like the top of the head, neck, belly and chest. Be patient and this will become enjoyable for you both, especially when your neighbors tell you how vibrant your critter’s coat is!

Next time I’ll talk about how allergies may often be a sign of a liver imbalance and how to best treat this imbalance.

Wishing you well!

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