Blog Report: Flying Poodles


There are so many options for training dogs today.  Once upon a time it was an accomplishment to have a dog walk nicely on a leash, to sit, stay, and perhaps even lay down.  The Flying Poodles blog offers a fresh look into many common-sense training options, day-to-day activities to try, and activities to enhance the relationship with your dog.

Blogger Diana talks candidly about training hurdles she’s faced with her trio of Poodles Rush, Elly, and Dancer, and her attempts to overcome various issues with them.  Take for instance, Dancer’s problem with other dogs invading her personal space (Feb. 8), or Diana discussing pup Rush’s growth stage called “The Fear Period” (Jan 15).  Peppered through tips, anecdotes, pictures, videos, and everyday moments with her Poodles, are laugh-out-loud stories (check out Nov. 26).

One of my favorite things about this blog is the many references Diana makes to training resources . . . citing solid scientific data to back up things she’s trying, and why certain things just work.  For anyone wanting to improve their dog’s behavior or add new activities, this blog is a must read.  And for anyone with a young puppy or looking to get one, you can’t go wrong with her early planning ideas, complete with lists of training goals (Oct. 25 and July 15).  A great read with frequent updates and additions.  Any dog lover will enjoy